Saturday, January 5, 2008

Woes of dues collections and dog grooming

Is there any service provider who makes you totally toe the line to get to use them? Mine's a dog groomer.

1. Half hour window (only) to drop off my dog
2. Have to be available in 5 hour window to pick him up
3. Forget my schedule. When they're ready I have to be ready
4. Cash only

When totally missed a grooming appointment, believed a chance I'd be fired as a customer. Make difficult calls all the time, but this one genuine concern. Their business doesn't need me - And I absolutely didn't want another groomer. Got a financial penalty, lecture, and dog groomed.

A hugely successful member tells clients she'll only work with them if they meet her requirements too. My dad tells patients they need to follow rules or they need to work with another doctor. Certain requirements result in better outcomes. Guess what happens? Their clients fall in line like me with the dog groomer.

Mediocre or sub-standard results may not be bad service providers, but rather great service providers allowing bad behavior to alter potential for a successful outcome. And who gets blame for bad results?

It can take 7 months to do association annual dues collection cycle - starting with 4 months of notices, ending with 3 months of fines/penalties. Outrageous amounts of time and conflict by some who don't want to pay but also don't want to leave. One key limited resource is staff time. How much better could programs be if not spending so much time chasing dues payments?

My dog groomer would never tolerate association dues calls. She can use her time to deliver exceptional service because she can fire time-consuming or difficult clients. Imagine that.

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