Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Rude awakening for $19

There's at least one area of association management where ignorance may be bliss (but probably shouldn't be). Specifically, how incredibly sedentary the day can be ...

Want to find out how sedentary? Buy a pedometer. For only $19 - a rude awakening. And that's for a good one - $4 might do it too. Thought 10 trips from my desk to get coffee racked up quite a distance cumulatively. It doesn't. Even adding in two walks with my dog (in the snow) results in under 2,000 steps. Recommended daily steps is 10,000/day ... or about 5 miles.

Many free online tools to encourage walking. Can even do a virtual walk across country (Delaware to California) with distances and location details - site has free online walking logs and maps. Anyone want to join me at Cape Henlopen Park (in DE - I've never heard of it - where the online map starts) - virtually - to see how far we can each get in one month? Takes 45 miles to get to Maryland border.

Requires little effort to wear a pedometer around; and encourages more steps.

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Anonymous said...

I am totally addicted to my pedometer. It's really fun to wear at a conference, too! I once clocked a full mile from my room to the meeting space--and it was all in the same hotel.

Definitely you'll find yourself walking more.