Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog Action Day 2010: Water

Blog Action Day: Each year on October 15, bloggers around the world agree to blog on a single topic. This year's topic: Water.

1. At meetings, ask for water in pitchers, with glasses. Not paper, not disposable water bottles, not plastic cups.

2. In your office, ask staff to bring a glass/cup from home to use with the jugged water dispenser. Not paper, not water bottles, not styrofoam.

Want more facts about the impact of water on the world: Go to Blog Action Day's special site.

Also, below is a widget with petition set up by Blog Action Day 2010 for a UN effort related to water. Note that has a link on very bottom of the widget (in the blue bar) for those who want to create their own (free) petition. As Associations consider engaging the public more in public policy issues, online petitions used throughout social media may be an option to consider.

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