Tuesday, January 22, 2008

OK everybody, pose but act natural

It's official, my association's blog did not stop with daily reports of our Habitat Build in Alabama, it's now going to experiment with posts of a vast range of association activities and programs. Note word experiment. And I don't want a social media expert to ask where my long term strategy is -- let's just say it's fluid. Generated much interest and enthusiasm so far.

Few more things I've learned:
1. If getting daily posts from guest bloggers (at an event or otherwise), explain when time's up in advance;
2. Prepare guest bloggers for potential they'll be edited (assuming you'd edit);
3. Increase info provided to members about how they can start/improve blogs with their own businesses (e-newsletters, courses, etc.)
4. Use pictures - great way to give volunteers recognition - and adds interest. Although likely good idea to take picture before they put coats on at end of meeting (note how natural all look with my "pose but act natural" command);

5. Great way to expose range of what involved with. Yet another possible response to "we had no idea" ...

And analytics never fail to amaze me. What people search by, where link from, where they're from. If anyone's learned anything from your own organization's blog effort, would be interested in knowing what to do/avoid ....

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