Sunday, January 20, 2008

Unknowns about rental cars

Potential unknowns for those who rent cars ...

1. New word: Deeker.

A deeker is apparently (at least one) car rental agent slang for those who decline all the options when renting a car. Agents don't like deekers because they impact the commission to be made on each car. Never crossed my mind the car rental agent could make a commission too - with each option. Wonder if that's certain states or certain brands versus all?

One more reason to use Hertz #1 Club Gold. Can do deeker walk right to the car without stopping to talk with anyone. Found this link to's insider look at car rentals while reading Boomer Chronicles.

2. Better act faster than God.

Smart Money has article "10 things your rental car company won't tell you", including: "In another move to cut corners, rental companies across the board have begun making customers liable for damage caused by so-called acts of God, such as hurricanes and floods. Avis and Budget, the last major holdouts to this policy change, will soon be adding it, even to their frequent renters' contracts. The new rule means it's now up to renters either to return a car before the natural disaster hits, drive the vehicle out of harm's way...or pay up for the newly developed insurance option to cover this type of damage."

Live and learn. Sheesh.

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