Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Looking for Love Boat - 9 Observations

Remember Gopher from the "Love Boat" ... Fred Grandy? He's now former Congressman Fred Grandy (R-IA) and spoke at conference today (pic) saying "democracy is a contact sport" ... and these ...

9 notable observations:1. Real threat to democracy is apathy - those who don't participate, don't contribute, don't vote
2. Need to be relentless and repetitive in communications on issues
3. Politics has always been rough - field of play can get dirty, refs are sometimes partial
4. Productive political investment is long term - transformational not transactional
5. Civic responsibility to participate - don't hold politics in contempt - necessary and noble fights6. Be a supplier of information to policy-makers - they need to learn
7. More success with targeted and limited agendas - be selective
8. You're never finished - business of associations requires ongoing advocacy
9. To get noticed, show up - hold issues roundtables, involve the media, get to know politicians

Fred Grandy trivia:
1. He's 59
2. Graduated from Harvard
3. Best man for David Eisenhower, who married Julie Nixon
4. Was CEO of Goodwill Industries for 6 years
5. Currently political radio commentator in DC

Didn't ask any questions as could likely scare colleagues if asking "Love Boat" versus political questions ... such as, what he thought about Julie being replaced, and if he ever went to Cabo San Lucas or if that only television ...


Lisa Junker said...

Great post, Cindy! I especially like #4 and #8 in your summary of his comments.

If you had questions about what it was like on the Love Boat, I read an article recently that might interest you--an interview Entertainment Weekly did with a bunch of the original cast. Here's a link to it: http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20055113,00.html

dotbowels said...

I like this post also. Where was the speech given at? Do you have a link to the text of the speech?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for Fred's tips. He was an excellent representative for the people of Iowa. I plan on using his tips when I do my PAC fundraising this year.

Cindy Butts said...

Speech was at National Association of REALTORS PAC Fundraising Conference in DC. Live, no link.