Sunday, January 13, 2008

8 things you don't know about me

There's a thing on blogs called meme - giving personal perspective on random topics or questions. Bloggers tag other bloggers to write things .... this time about themselves. Likely to make us seem like real people? I was tagged by Ben Martin on this topic, so here goes ....

8 things you don't know about me ...

1. Grew up in Miami. Went to beach every week from toddler until college. Once went to Cuba just for dinner.

2. Don't drink. Never liked the taste.

3. Was in a sorority and Navy ROTC freshman year at Auburn (transferred to GWU). Programming languages as electives helped shape my destiny.

4. Can't watch crime shows on television because they make me sad. Misfortune to know first-hand the very important roles forensic nurses, detectives, media, prosecutors, juries, surveillance cameras at businesses, and others play in being the last advocates for murder victims and their families.

5. Former vegetarian and distance runner. Gave up both one day while training for Chicago Marathon. Wanted a hamburger and running became more of a chore than a passion. Still wish I hadn't stopped.

6. Started working at an association immediately after college - because I could walk there from apartment building in downtown Chicago. At age 23, that was my criteria. Became an association CEO at 28.

7. Learned the importance of political involvement when I was a page in the Florida Senate for a week during my senior year of high school. That week in Tallahassee changed me.

8. Became dog fanatic when got
cairn terrier 4 years ago. Whole separate social network and experience connected to dog ownership that I really love.

I'll tag: GertieCranker. She's such a gifted writer and her personal blog is a glimpse into the realities of unexpected turn of events after retirement from 30 years in association management.

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