Friday, January 18, 2008

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Got unexpected gift of portable video camera in mail today. So looked it up on Amazon. Here's the scoop on the Flip Video:

1. Got 4-1/2 out of 5 stars from users;
2. Costs under $130;
3. Apparently will leave an ad at end of video when upload (not different from BlackBerry?)
4. Someone accidentally ran it through a dryer and it still worked. Someone else dropped it in snow while skiing with it, and no problem;
5. User put it in toddler's overalls and made a "toddler-cam". I wonder how my dog will feel about it hooked to him for "Baxter-cam"?
6. Can tape 60 minutes - no memory card. Play-back, delete, edit options;
7. Directly connects device to USB, which some don't like and others do (can use cable);
8. Very simple to use. Apparently good gift for 9 year olds too. (I used Super 8 movie camera at young age - including making family, friends, neighbors act out parables);
9. Can use with iDVD, play on television, upload to YouTube, post on blogs, play on computer, still pics, etc.;
10. Extremely lightweight and compact. Can fit anywhere, including pockets.

Apparently doesn't require reading directions, which is the first thing I'm testing. User comments such great feature of the Internet. Maybe I'll do a video series of association management parables - the prodigal volunteer, the finally dead issue coming back to life, good samaritans, etc.

Anyone else use this video camera?

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Anonymous said...

I have it. It is VERY easy to use, as far as I can tell. I like that I can keep it in my purse for on-the-fly use. (e.g., I taped my kids' telling Santa what they an unscheduled trip).

I tested it at Great Ideas a few times and it seems to work great but only if you are in close range, have good lighting, and a quiet room.

I also have the little tripod. I've testing self-taping thinking I'd add some video segments to my blog (but it's so painful to watch myself!) If you plan to do any self-taping, that seems essential.