Sunday, August 14, 2011

24 thoughts for Association Execs - picked up virtually from #ASAE11

Here's an assortment of tips and thoughts that I picked up on Twitter during the ASAE 2011 Conference ... that I did not attend in person. Note: Tried to credit the original person who posted a tweet or picture. Info in brackets is my additional comment.

3 New Words/Terms:
1. "Associationize" (@PBBsRealm)
2. "Procedural Justice" (@MDsnowpro)
3. "Sacred zombie cow" - project simply exists, consumes staff and resources, and far harder to kill than your average sacred cow (@MDsnowpro)

3 Banquet/Event Ideas:
1. Edible centerpiece: cake pops, cupcakes, chocolate covered pretzels (@markbledsoe)
2. Put lunch in a keepsake box [see pic] (@tfec)
3. Make your presenters marketers. Use them to promote event in advance. Give presenters incentives to promote. (@bkpitman)

8 Notable Thoughts:
1. Ethics: You need courage to address lapses in judgment (@GregWilsonCAE)
2. Mission Statement: If you can't fit it on a t-shirt, people are not going to remember it. (@ashleyhodak)
3. Board: Be consistent with your communication to your Board, it helps them to expect, understand and be engaged. (@bkpitman)
4. Board: If you want your board to be strategic and not operational, they need to meet less. (@ashleyhodak)
5. Board: A good board needs to be able to say no. (@healthywrtr)
6. Value: We create value in 3 ways for members - make them smarter, save them money, make life easier (@Lowellmatthew)
7. Change: No one was ever extraordinary by keeping things the same. (@hospicedave)
8. Change: The "leave no member behind" mentality is killing us. (@BillSheridan)

8 Technology/Social Media Tips:
1. Ask members to link back to your site to improve your linkability (help them if aren't sure how) (@ljunker)
2. Polls on your site can improve SEO because they are content that naturally evolves and changes (@ljunker)
3. Save your PowerPoint presentation as a PDF. (@adamsharkwebb)
4. Mobile friendly emails should be 1 column, no photos, stories short & sweet (@LaurenMangnall)
5. 64% of e-mails are opened on a smart phone so we must design e-marketing for them. (@marianazario) [Design e-newsletters anticipating smart phones too]
6. People will accept bad video but not bad audio. (@prbrian)
7. Poll Everywhere provides real time audience response system. (@gfinecae)
8. Member outreach - send onesie with association logo to members with new baby - have them send pic back for association Facebook page (@Lowellmatthew)

2 Fundraising Ideas:
1. Add “donate” button or “donor wall” to website (@DrakeCo)
2. Share and win campaign. Have them share on social networks and offer a prize drawing. (@bkpitman)

Thanks to all who tweeted meaningful content this year!