Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Meetings: Giving Thanks

Many who plan meetings and functions all the time really can tell when the staff at any given facility are really exceptional at what they do. In a recent email to a banquet manager at a large convention hotel, I noted as an aside how I wished I had written down the names of two servers at a lunch function as I thought they were great. Well, she made sure to find out the names, then told their supervisor, the general manager and them. When the automated "rate your meeting" email arrived, it did make me think to mention them there too.

I could have easily forgotten about it, and would have missed an opportunity for staff to get the recognition they deserved. And I'm a staff person too, so know about the value of staff recognition. Even if it was for a 2 hour function.

It's so easy to take even 2 minutes after something good happens to say thanks; or to point out those who you may find are good at what they do.

Give thanks. And if you have the opportunity, tell their boss or organization too.