Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Losing it for a cause ...

A flyer in a PAC fundraising manual was considerably different from others - features a fundraising competition between a man and a woman (both elected presidents) - and the loser will shave his/her head. Minimum PAC contribution of $25 to participate - with suggested giving up to $1000. Included Photoshop pictures of what each would look like without hair.

Was entirely intrigued, so emailed the woman on the flyer to find out who won and her thoughts about it. Her response: "Our Association can do some great things with technology (and they enjoyed every minute of it!) I did not shave my head, but was prepared to, if needed. I did shave Paul's head and the poor thing looked like a really badly groomed Yorkie! I was a little nervous the day of our Annual Membership Meeting, when we announced the winner/loser - I thought "we" had won the bet, but the announcement came across as if there was some doubt ... It was a lot of good natured fun, raised money, and Paul now regularly shaves his head. RPAC is very close to my heart ( ... and luckily not my head.) This was the second time I offered to shave my head, but didn't have to."

Now THAT is a committed volunteer fundraiser! And this particular association has the culture of giving for political purposes already deeply established, so routinely implement creative fundraising.

(Side note: Also love part where the man discovers he looks better without hair.)


Anonymous said...

three questions!

were is the link to this article?

would you ever shave your head? comment:why not...i think you are a very confident woman and the look would suit you!

finally: what is your opinion on the shaved head look on women and men?

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