Saturday, January 26, 2008

Words to Perform By

Tennis legend Billie Jean King is reported to have sent Australian Open winner Maria Sharapova (pic) this text message the morning of the final game: "Champions take chances, and pressure is a privilege." Maria says that text advice helped her win perfect sets.

My thoughts:
1. Texting can be such a good alternative to email and calls;
2. Champions do take chances, but never thought of pressure as a privilege;
3. I'm slightly annoyed the AP reporter spelled Billie Jean incorrectly;
4. Do we text motivational messages to peers the morning of a big professional challenge?

I believe the quote includes words to live by in pressure-filled professions.

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Anonymous said...

But, under NO circumstances ever let your teenage kids know that you will respond to a text message. Once they start they will be texting you constantly!