Monday, January 7, 2008

15 Ways to Raise PAC Funds

1. Annual dues bills (the best way)
2. New member invoices; affiliate bills
3. Direct phone call or request (next best)
4. Telethon - Pick up check or get credit card info
5. Solicit those who gave during past 5 years, but not this year
6. Wine tasting or beer tasting (pic) - entry fee, donated wine, wine expert
7. Link on web site
8. Promotion in e-newsletters, MLS bulletin
9. Rent a chair to sit at event
10. Create promotion video featuring lobbyist
11. Breakfast - make first small contribution, then envelopes for future amounts
12. Educate office staff to answer in 2 sentences why should make voluntary contribution to PAC
13. Event participation with contribution - horse races, baseball game, education, cocktails
14. Raffle or auction
15. Photo opportunities (get creative)

Note: Subject to state and federal PAC laws and restrictions; e.g., corporate donations, one-third rule, etc.

Do you have other successful PAC fundraising ideas?

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