Monday, November 12, 2007

NAR: 2 Lessons from Love, 2 from Wynn

Won tickets to Cirque du Soleil show "The Beatles - Love" last night ....

2 lessons from "Love":

1. Prizes or incentives work. Because promoted the NAR convention, and significantly increased attendance from state, won tickets to the show. When offered incentives, find do try harder. Probably shouldn't be that way, but it does work. Same is true with member surveys - offering something increases participation. When you need participation increases, do you use prizes/incentives?

2. Sometimes making it look effortless can make it look easy. Around an hour into the show was forgetting what performers doing was really hard - because they made it look effortless. I'm sure that happens with my job too. Don't want to complain so often no one knows how hard it is to do certain things. Program based budgets don't always help either - just indicate time it took - not level of difficulty. Large mailing can take 10 hours and be really easy. Accomplishing the impossible might take 3 hours but takes all the insight, experience, connections, imagination, skills of a career to accomplish. I'm now adding to association updates comments like "by the way, (project) was really hard to do". In case it looks easy.

2 lessons from Wynn: (as in Wynn hotel)

1. Is there anything else I can do for you? That's the question everyone here asks - one of many reasons Five Diamond. Wouldn't it be easy to end every association call or email with that question too.

2. Just in case of emergency. Front desk person asked for cell phone number in case of emergency. Said any number of issues from hotel emergency, to city-wide emergency, to personal emergencies - makes them want to be able to reach guests. Have nearly all cell phone numbers of my attendees -- but didn't set up a system (like a txt mob) if there was an emergency and needed to reach 75 of them at once. Definitely next time.

NOTE: If you're a REALTOR Association Executive, click here for my NAR blog posting about first day in Vegas (Sunday). Have info to report from today, but with NAR Inaugural ahead, today not over yet.

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