Saturday, November 17, 2007

A little more action

NAR set record attendance with over 30,000 in Las Vegas. Friday's NAR Board of Directors Meeting:
Of note for AEs -

1. Code of Ethics has been translated into braille;
2. Approved up to $15M for REALTOR national credit union. Anticipate operational by this time next year;
3. Now 298
RCE designees in AE community - includes 51 in 2008 [note: still don't have RCEs from AK, HI, ID, ND, WY]
4. NAR supporting Sentrilock in a new agent direct leasing program for lockboxes;
5. Components of NAR Strategic Plan being reduced to business card size to carry;
6. Approved NRDS changes, including requirement to add home address, email address, preferred phone number into NRDS by 1/1/08 for new members and 7/1/08 for existing members;
7. White Paper being developed on what a board "territorial jurisdiction" means and includes;
8. Referred back to NAR Nominating Committee 27 recs for changes to NAR Election process;
9. Recommends Slate of Candidates for NAR officers in 2009 - President Charles McMillan (TX), President Elect Vicki Cox Golder (AZ), First VP Ron Phipps (RI) and Treasurer Jim Helsel (PA);
10. Among Standards of Conduct for MLS Participants, must use true picture and cannot in representations including URLs and domain names "deceptively use metatags, keywords, or other devices/methods to direct, drive, or divert Internet traffic, or to otherwise mislead consumers";
11. Added specific options for imposing discipline with MLS rules compliance including attendance at courses, fines, probation, termination, others;
12. Added optional MLS provision allowing prohibition of MLS participants, subscribers, licensees from claiming or suggesting to be a MLS including in domain name and email address;

And provided Benny McMahan (TX) (pic) with the William R. Magel Award of Excellence in Association Management. Truly an honor for any who have worked with Benny during past decades to be able to express appreciation for his commitment, mentorship and excellence. Joined on stage by his wife, Grace, and seven children.

Here are
additional decisions by the NAR Board of Directors and Delegate Body today.

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