Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Election Night makes me sick

Can't recall when in my life didn't feel sick on election night - like tonight, for example. Moving from election site to election site, station to station, waiting for calls ... even on races and issues where don't care about outcome. One year used airplane phone with laptop at 1200 baud at bazillion dollars/minute because couldn't stand to wait until plane landed to get results.

Few thoughts as wait for results:
1. Signs against candidates (red x through names) appeared this year (pic - WCSH6). More in future?
2. Will someone please do RSS for all local races and state races? CSS too.
3. Just read national candidate says raised $4.2 million
online in 24 hours. Know I'm not using Internet well enough for political fundraising. Early New Year's Resolution: raise more web money.
4. Watching TV at home gives interesting insight into campaigns.

Time for Motrin and more election site scanning. And I don't want comment from an anti-ibuprofen advocate .. it's election night, don't feel good, and I'm takin' it.
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1 comment:

GramE Pat said...

How about a nice hot cup of tea to go with the ibuprofen?
According to a posting on http://www.teabenefits.com/
"The buzz about tea and its benefits should not be ignored. Enlightened tea drinkers are rediscovering the protective and revitalizing benefits of this ancient drink. Ever wonder why the Chinese and Japanese have some of the longest life-expectancy rates in the world. Shhh…here’s the secret: they drink tea a lot."

If it works for you, then “You go, girl” http://gramEpat.blogspot.com