Sunday, November 4, 2007

Best Caffeine Fix

Dunkin' Donuts brewed ice tea is the best. If you drink iced tea, trust me - a lifelong tea drinker - on this one.

Seasonal fruits/vegetables make sense, but in Maine certain drinks are declared "seasonal" and not available for months; significant dread that will happen. With 8 Dunkin' Donuts in my town (pop. 18,000) -- hope at least one knows there's dedicated customer who doesn't want to be "seasoned" out of iced tea.

I wonder if association activities offered only certain times of the year may have interst other times too? Do we limit timing for no particular reason?


Anonymous said...

Top 6 Reasons Not to Drink Tea

1- The chemicals used to remove caffeine from tea are carcinogenic as there is no swiss water method as with coffee.

2- The caffeine in tea takes twice as long to eliminate from the body.

3- Depletes the adrenal glands just like coffee

4- Decreases melatonin production = sleep disorders like insomnia

5- Caffeine acts as a diuretic (by the way, caffeine is a strong diuretic, which depletes the body of certain vitamins and minerals, such as “C”, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, and potassium

6- All teas contain flouride. Flouride is accumulative toxin. Only 50% of this poison is excreted from the body per day. The other half stays and accumulates, particualry in the brain & bones. Water contains lead & aluminium. Flouride attaches to lead & aluminum ions and heightens accumulation and increases these toxins metals to the brain. Aluminum flouride showed capacity to damage brain and kidneys in lab rats

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Sr. Mina, BSP said...

Mr. Anonymous has no idea how healthy tea is. The only reason I ever drink coffee is when I'm sick and don't feel like sleeping or I have a lot of studying to do and my mind's foggy.

Personally, I never heard of a drink being "seasonal". Even lemonade can be year-round on account of the soft-drink forms.

Try not to worry. Just drink up and enjoy your tea. If it gets branded as seasonal, just send a letter to your politicians with an enclosed tea bag and ask them why its seasonal when all it takes is dunking a bag of dried and crumbled leaves into a cup of hot water.