Tuesday, November 13, 2007

NAR: Explosives and Seth Godin

Woke up at 2:30 AM to sound of explosives -- the Frontier Hotel imploding to make way for new luxury hotel. Well publicized it was happening - but was absolutely terrified by the sound, along with tremors to this hotel ... wishing for my dog or husband ... only now remembering mini-bar in the room. As tried to go back to sleep, realized didn't have a flashlight and hadn't checked out where staircases were on the floor. Today's hotel reminder: Always pack a flashlight, always check where stairs are.

Bestselling author and blogger Seth Godin a featured speaker today. Very tailored message to real estate brokerage - need to build relationships, be unique, and selling the way it will make them feel. Such as, "You might as well buy a house you love". Need to get people to want to talk about why they love real estate.
Although not part of today's speech, here are a few of Seth's recent blog postings that apply to association executives -

1. Don't apologize before giving a speech ... (or don't give it)

2. Tasks need to end, but positions don't
3. The words I can't afford it really means it's not worth it

And took picture with Seth (pic). Photography tip: Take off reading glasses.

NOTE to REALTOR Association Executives: Click here for my Report of Monday at NAR Convention in Las Vegas.

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