Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cell phone or cell foe

For every tech advance can be a tech negative - with same device. For example, the cell phone. Great parts ... being reachable, emergency use and additional features like cameras, recording capability, web access.

Bad use - cell foe:

1. Dialing numbers accidentally, being recorded. If not set correctly, cell phones can dial numbers in call log accidentally. If hit voice mail, conversations can be recorded that aren't meant to be. Once someone said listened to me walk around for 15 minutes after my phone called them. Likely obvious after 15 seconds not intentional?

2. Secretly taping comments at hearings, committee and directors meetings. National association set policy electronic devices can't be in room with hearing panels. Reason: leaving phone lines open to listen or record executive session. With prevalence of camera phones taping functionality surprised when comments at meetings may not want to view on YouTube ten minutes later. All meetings have that potential now.

3. Pictures and posting. Camera phones banned from some gyms and schools due to potential for nude pictures when changing or copying test answers. Party moments land on global photo/social media sites.

4. Identity theft or slowing down service. Rental car counter sign prohibits cell phones near counter. Agent said camera phones take pictures of rental agreements with lots of personal info; and customers on phone slow down entire rental process for others.

More good uses - cell phone:

1. Audio and video recording. Cell phones used to create audio and video files and for remote blogging/posting. Can easily audio or video important life moments and share.

2. Pictures of name badges. I forgot business cards at recent conference so person talking with took picture of my badge with camera phone. Thought it clever, and wouldn't have noticed except told me he was doing it.

3. Wireless access for laptop. Like my pal Gertiecranker doing rehab in nursing home from bad leg break, sometimes cell phone is way to get wireless access for computer when otherwise not available.

4. Text feature. Finding when teach some don't realize have text feature on cell phone - and may already have text messages. Text easier than email.

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