Friday, November 23, 2007

Fuzzy Wuzzy - Association Presidents

Fuzzy Wuzzy soap was popular with kids in the sixties. Different animal shaped soap (bear, monkey, poodle, cat) would grow some kind of fur on it when the soap dried ... and inside was a prize ... like small plastic Rat Fink charm.

There's probably a 0% chance it could exist today for mass-market - between god knows what made that fuzz grow plus size of kids prize (think recall). Many cereals had prizes inside too. My sister and I always dumped the box of cereal to find out what the prize was as soon as box opened, and we certainly didn't wait to wash our hands a hundred times to find out what was inside Fuzzy Wuzzy soap (think plastic knife).

Recently a colleague asked how to respond to a young member who's already professionally very successful, very skilled, but wants to be president now ... not wanting to take all the steps historically thought to be essential to get there. Didn't wait for success before, doesn't want to wait now. My thought: if industry and leadership skills, could be president now.

Possible the world divided into Fuzzy Wuzzys - if you can get to prize some other way, don't make them wash their hands a hundred times and watch fuzz grow first vs. those who believe leaders need to wait and take steps. Nominating processes/requirements need to consider what's most important in leaders. Many (at every age demographic) don't want to wait as long as timelines sometimes dictate.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that someone else actually remembers this soap! I just have vague fond memories of it but thanks to you and the photo its all coming back to me now!

Unknown said...

people look at me funny when I tell them I played in the bath with soap that grew hair!
finally with the internet I can prove I am not this soap.......but was always too impatient to let it grew the hair!