Sunday, November 18, 2007

First NFYB

Was sitting alone eating scrambled eggs and bacon at Las Vegas airport when a woman I've known long time asked to join me. She has very specific expertise about an aspect of association management so thrilled to be able to quiz her for half hour with questions for my own association management. Took lots of notes -- got great advice. As got up to catch flight she said, "oh, and this is Not For Your Blog" (NFYB)

My first NFYB!

So ... am I now an official Internet journalist to be feared? Or, if someone's not at all accustomed to being quoted anywhere is it a huge step to embrace idea of getting quoted in a blog? Of course agreed to not include tips -- but definitely going to send her sample of what her advice "could" look like in blog format. As far as blogging as AE ... it's not as fearful (or time consuming) as you might imagine.

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