Saturday, November 3, 2007

2 Lessons - Salzburg and Red Bull

Family trip to Austria gave 2 association management lessons. I'm power-sightseer so numerous tours/visits throughout -- only one teenage son interested in not even on list -- Red Bull headquarters in Salzburg (pic) that randomly passed on road to somewhere else. Extremely contemporary and bodies of water moving through it. There's no question Red Bull is notable consumer trend, and definitely of interest to teenagers/young adults.

Took "Sound of Music" tour with stops at movie landmarks (may be scaring you with that detail) ... stopped at "I am 16 going on 17" gazebo to find lock on it -- no one allowed in. Reason given: too many people were jumping from bench to bench and dancing reenacting movie scene so thought safer to just padlock, plus vandalism concerns. Good plan - don't let consumers in to do the one thing they want to do. Apparently 300,000 visit gazebo each year - including 1 bored teenage boy.

2 Lessons:
1. Do we completely leave out one thing younger members might be interested in? Do we try to find out what that is -- in case never even thought about it? Might want Red Bull HQ stop instead of/addition to tour of Vienna Opera House.

2. Are we locking members or others out of what they may want, that we have? Associations may be protective of research, data, information - when great public interest. Maybe it's time to get rid of the padlock on the gazebo and let them jump and dance - with consideration or solution to safety and vandalism concerns.
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