Saturday, November 10, 2007

4 Tombstones - Use your dash wisely

4 Tombstones ..
1. Sometimes say my tombstone will read, "who authorized that" ... Example: angry member at meeting certain a new program absent member input. Belief that if didn't hear, must mean never announced, surveyed, reported, approved; and if position don't like, then either not asked or not "listening to the members". Since no association decision will ever get universal support (e.g., complete grassroots support) - some percentage can claim on any issue at any association they aren't being listened to; which is translation for if you were listening you would be telling me what I want to hear - and you're not.

2. One of my
favorite national association presidents has saying for association leaders: No one ever put on tombstone, "I made budget".

Picture for disbelievers - "I told you I was sick". (#16)

4. Speaker (whose name can't remember) said his dad used to ask him "what are you going to do with your dash" - and then showed picture of tombstone with a birth year and the dash -- Reminded us to use our dash wisely.

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Tony Rossell said...

My grandmother always threatened to put "I told you I was sick" on her tombstone. I am glad someone actually did it. I like the dash question also. Tony