Saturday, October 20, 2007

Practice Safe Keyboard

When you think computer virus, does that include viruses that may reside on keyboard itself? Staff member recently got horrific eye infection (stabbing pain, swollen shut, tearing, etc.) and couldn't work for several days. Since my computer disconnected from network with hard drive problem, decided to use "the open office". After typing away for hours, heard words: "aren't you afraid you're going to pick up the eye infection from that keyboard?" Know viruses can be transmitted from door handles, telephones, faucets, pens, shaking hands .. hadn't thought about computer keyboard. Within hour noticing bloodshot eye ( ... likely from over-checking, didn't have real problem).

When computer tech reconnected me, asked about spreading viruses via keyboard ... said when he's in offices people frequently sneeze and start typing again (yuck - but know true). Doesn't wear gloves to work on computers (my question) because weird (and hard way to type), but travels with Purell (travel sized disinfecting soap) and uses immediately. Googled this issue, and in addition to everyone else who spreads viruses via keyboards, learned doctors and nurses frequently do too because so much hospital reporting is electronic. Even gloves don't help.

So, practice safe keyboard - if there is such a thing.

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