Sunday, October 14, 2007

Don't just hold up your pants ...

Friend/Facilitator Jerry (pic) had surprise celebration at a career milestone. Event included rewritten lyrics about him, with this line: "that black belt doesn't just hold up your pants" - because of his black belt in karate. Recently noticed he lists black belt achievement on web site, in his speaker bio -- and something many know for some reason. So I asked why the karate info. Jerry's response -

1. Something he's proud of and wants to highlight. Wanted to finish before age 50 (did at 49).
2. It's a pure achievement that doesn't include any politics, mandatory courses, or selection committees.
3. Frequently speaks on the future, and believes much of today's future vision based on Eastern philosophy - so it fits.
4. Represents sign of balance in otherwise career-driven list of accomplishments. Said karate great way to develop focus and clear mind.
5. When facilitating or speaking, introducer often reacts/responds to that unexpected addition; comments like "better pay attention because he can ..."

How many of us add details to our introductions, bios or sites to be deliberately interesting ... beyond position and career highlights?

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