Wednesday, October 31, 2007

25 Alternative Meeting Locations

Sometimes it's impossible to find a meeting space in a hotel, restaurant or conference center; or your group needs lower priced options. Here are 25 potential meeting locations that could be available in your area, and likely have accessibility:

1. Hospital conference room
3. Library meeting room
4. Church meeting room
5. Ice skating/roller rink (may have birthday/party room)
6. School or university - auditorium or classroom
7. Bank building - event room (or other large companies)
8. Arboretum
9. Armory
10. Country Club
11. Recreation center
12. National or state park information center
13. Museum/Arts Center - auditorium or classroom
14. Fire station
15. Activity/social room in nursing home, apartment building
16. City Hall meeting room
17. Elks/Moose/Knights of Columbus/Eagles lodge
18. Summer camp or ski-lodge off-season
19. Movie theater (be sure can turn lights up enough - made THAT mistake once)
20. Nightclub (ask to open during day for you)
21. Computer training center (without the computers)
22. Trail lodge/hunting lodge
23. Mansion
24. Fairgrounds
25. Meeting rooms at other Associations, chamber of commerce
.... or call your local caterer, wedding planner or florist to see what they've seen that could be used.
Any others you'd suggest?
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