Sunday, October 21, 2007

17 signs you're about to be fired

Colleague Keith Holm (pic) collected stories from association executives on how they knew they were about to be fired ... for presentation on "survival strategies" ... First nine - a guest post.

9 signs you're about to be fired:
1. You arrive at the office and only other car in the parking lot belongs to your President.
2. Your President asks, "So, after today, where will you be working?"
3. You get calls about a job opening and didn't know there was one.
4. Staff members tear up when they see you as know you're going to get the boot.
5. President walks into your office with box of Kleenex and no one has a cold.
6. Your key to the office doesn't work anymore and personal belongings in box outside the door.
7. President begins Board meeting with, "We will now go into executive session. We’ll let you know when to come back in." They never invite you back.
8. Your President asks you for "Guidelines on Hiring a New Executive Officer"
9. You anonymously receive book entitled, "Joys of a Job Search".

…. 6 more signs:
10. You start to get calls from colleagues in other areas, or past presidents, asking if “everything is okay”.
11. A security guard attends Board of Directors meeting (or is seated at your desk).
12. You’re asked to be sure to bring your car keys and laptop to a meeting.
13. President sends recent invoices for “legal services related to staff” to pay.
14. Association attorney stops making eye contact with you, or frequently says “I’ll need to call the President” in response to questions.
15. Go from outstanding performance evaluations to one scathing one. In writing; and sometimes sent to other key leaders. Accept this truth: only last evaluation counts.
….. 2 more signs [but also may be sign getting raise/bonus]:
16. Asked for copy of your employment agreement “so our attorney can review it”.
17. Executive Committee is meeting; no one on staff has knowledge of it.

Like other situations in life, trust your gut instinct. Fix whatever needs to be fixed, or start looking.

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