Thursday, October 4, 2007

Get me Bose

My teenage son has Bose headphones. I don't. They significantly cancel out noise, and enhance sound (iPods, in-flight movies). At some point certain luxuries turn into necessities. After two very noisy flights tonight, and bad headphones, I'm at that point.

Anything you haven't purchased, but should have years ago?

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Matt Baehr said...

Cindy - working for the AV trade association, I get to see some cool products. With all the travelling I do, I thought I needed those as well. But they were just too expensive for me. I talked to folks at Shure (the major mic and headphone company) and got the Shure E2C Sound Isolating Earphones. They are much smaller, have no battery, and are easier to use with your ipod while running, and less than $100.