Tuesday, October 9, 2007

10 Group Picture Tips

More magazine has 2 tips for group pictures:
1. If woman standing with only men, stand in the middle ("to look like belle of the ball").
2. If group picture for publication/newspaper, stand far right so your
name is first in print.

My tips from group picture experience:
1. Don't talk or you'll have mouth open in picture.
2. If photographer squats down and points camera up at group - ask not to - your hips will look HUGE - better to have it taken from up on chair looking down at group.

3. If wearing a print, avoid sitting/standing next to another print.
4 If you're on the end (especially sitting at table) you will look bigger than you really are. Turn your body towards group for best results.
5. Sometimes pictures aren't cropped so if in front row, think about your shoes appearing and whether or not clothes wrinkled from sitting.
6. Consider what you do with your hands. No fig leafs.
7. If you can't see camera, camera can't see you.
8. Always carry digital camera so you can say "why don't we take a group picture".

Failed my own tips 3 and 4 in this group picture.

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