Friday, October 19, 2007

And Blah Blah Blah

Changed my intro for talk yesterday to practice recent posting - removed reference to awards, designations, boards serve on, education. Intro became name, title, where work, how long - and added something interesting. At least I thought it interesting. Said I blog now. Man introducing me read first sentence in intro, quizzically looked at sentence about the blog, and continued, "something about blog and blah blah blah, Join me in welcoming Cindy Butts "

Either he:
1. Didn't know what a blog was so surprised him enough to leave out;
2. Thought blog detail dull and decided not to mention; or
3. Likes shortening intros, even though only two sentences in length anyway.

If said black belt in karate (but don't have) would I have been "blah blah blah"-ed? Is this a sign I have education to do about blogs to those who may not know?

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