Thursday, October 4, 2007

11 tips for membership applications

On work group today that reviewed membership applications. Here are few good things to consider including on membership applications among other data collection:

1. Nickname of applicant
2. Website URL
3. Their choice of password for your site
4. Refund policy related to dues payments (such as no refunds)
5. Preferred mailing address
6. Space for more than one email address (and which preferred)
7. All DBAs used
8. Consent to receive fax or other electronic communications, and waiving limitations that federal or state law may impose to receive information as part of membership
9. Agreement to abide to bylaws, policies and rules, including when change
10. Affirmation that information given is correct

11 .... And, as Wes Trochlil included on a post yesterday, be sure you aren't handing out copies of copies of copies if handing out paper applications or information.

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Tony Rossell said...

Cindy -- Very helpful tips. Another important item is to remember to include the price. From time to time, I will find PDF applications on the web that lack the cost. Also, your readers should keep in mind that the longer the membership appliation, the lower the response rate on acquisition. So you need to balance your need to know with response rates.