Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Continue to breath normally

Do you ever see someone and absolutely cannot place why you know them? Happened to me on a flight recently and it has driven me crazy for days. To the point that I pulled out old photo albums, yearbooks and rosters to try to figure it out ... Couldn't even place what DECADE I knew her.

Turned on today's DVR recording of "Oprah" and THERE SHE IS as the only guest ... Dr. Christiane Northrup, who writes national bestsellers on women's health issues, medical practice in Maine, and sometimes gives talks during fundraising shows on PBS ... I've never met her.

I recall a section of a talk on PBS show she did -- metaphor of instructions flight attendants give, and how it applies to our life: You need to give yourself oxygen first, before you can give it to anyone else. The person with the great plane analogy was one row away on a plane. Maybe the search is for the message, not the person.

1. Do you take care of your own health first, so you can help others?
2. Are you sure with everything you do, that you don't totally neglect what you need?
3. Is there someone you don't want to forget, but if you wait a really long time you might?

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1 comment:

Maddie Grant said...

nice post! I definitely need to actively bear that in mind, and not try to do too much...!