Saturday, October 6, 2007

Creating your professional dream

At her retirement party tonight, Judith Lindenau noted she had originally dreamed of being a professional scholar, researcher, or poet; but one day 30 ago answered an ad to be an "Executive Secretary" of an association. Hired by "very kind" association members, without an understandable job description. Now at the end of career she thanked "kind and helpful" members who encouraged her to be what she "always wanted to be: a teacher, researcher and writer." She found she became what she wanted to be.

It instantly struck me that we actually can create within our own careers whatever the dream is, because the position provides opportunities for such a vast range of activities. If we want to write, we can write. If we want to teach, we can teach. And much more ...

Among those she thanked were the two association executives who were her mentors (pic). Imagine being able to thank the mentors of one of your own mentors.

1. What's your professional dream, and are you being encouraged to get there?
2. Have you thanked a mentor lately?

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