Sunday, February 3, 2008

Taking time to build friendships

My former colleague Judith, who continues to recover in a nursing home, makes this observation on a blog post: "I usually have a couple of visitors every day - some regular and cherished ones, and some surprises .... The joy of all of this is the companionship, of course - the time spent in the luxury of one-on-one conversation and caring. I am reminded of how poor my life has been because I have scheduled too little time for human relations and building friendships which are one of the great enrichments of life."

Association management can involve interacting with thousands of people, and there's no question there are hundreds of personal and professional things to schedule any given year. Judith's posts on what she's learning now that she's away from association management often result in reflection ...

Are you making or even scheduling time for building friendships too? Is one of the most rewarding parts of life short-changed while everything else is getting done?

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