Friday, February 1, 2008

Noisy music at meetings

An association blog post suggests music throughout conferences and meetings can lead towards appealing to all of the senses. I find it more appealing to be able to hear than to have musical selections in every room. Plus, with the exception of most Beatles songs and maybe "New York, New York", how much music really has universal appeal - especially to various generations?

The theory of cranking up the volume before education programs start, or during networking receptions can be unbearable - and makes it difficult to catch up on business calls or have discussions. For dances or with videos, loud music works. For meal functions, light and forgettable background music works. Everywhere else, let us talk.

One commenter said one networking reception had such loud music that attendees standing next to each other were texting.

So no, I don't believe we need to appeal to every sense at conferences. Although plugging in bread machines in classrooms might be a good sensory experiment?

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