Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rescuing each other ...

I don't know if the relationship among colleagues and even members in my industry is unique, as I've never worked in others; but there's definitely something special in our "association family." I believe we're always prepared to rescue each other - whether it's with advice, instruction or just random assistance and friendship.

For example, the teenage son of a colleague in NH once had a connecting flight from UT to WY cancelled, and a former national president picked his son up at the airport, took him on a hike with his kids, then drove him to WY the next day, rather than schedule another flight.

So when my teenage son was flying to FL this weekend and asked what he should do if flight got diverted, I told him not to worry that a colleague would come get him. Now I was including EVERY city and it could be any one of hundreds that I might need to call - but really believe that we'd all do that for each other. And there's one of us in at least every city where there's an airport. Tonight I'm in PA and stopped at a local association where a colleague/friend works, and even though I didn't call in advance (how disruptive is THAT?) because I really had planned to just say hello ... I learned a dozen things she's working on, and she took me to dinner.

Separately, since I'm on a taking pictures of portable banners kick, they use banners in their classrooms for their major sponsors each year. Said great price, easy to move to multiple events, and professional recognition.

To think about:
1. Appreciate your national network of colleagues and members - they are there for you;
2. Check out portable banners for use with major sponsor recognition

Any interesting reason you've used a portable banner?

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