Saturday, February 9, 2008

There is no time. Or is there?

I had my laptop out at a spa today. Surrounded by people awaiting treatments in their robes and slippers, Had notes from committee meetings to type minutes. Thought I might be killing the atmosphere since fireplace going and little feng shui rakes in sand on the table, so tried to find a place that was inconspicuous.

Ended up having a middle school girl (maybe age 10) who had her nails newly painted maroon with little fake diamonds (like the RPAC pin) under an electric dryer sit next to me. She was going to a father/daughter dance and spending whole day getting ready for it. Told me her mother works too.

A woman couldn't find her husband whose treatment person was ready for him. Turns out he was hiding in the spa bathroom answering pages from patients since cell phones aren't allowed at the spa.

Today's thoughts:
1. Is anything so exciting you'd spend an entire day getting ready for it?
2. Will multi-taskers eventually end up in glass rooms like airport smokers?
3. A conversation on other blogs is why don't CEOs blog. Now the answer there is no time is never popular, but really, there is no time. There isn't time for minutes either. Or time to fly to Louisiana for a day to help a colleague whose facilitator had to cancel. Or time to go back through hundreds of emails to see if forgot anything when whipping through Blackberry messages while in DC. Or time to spend four hours in one store helping my daughter find the perfect dress. Or time to throw my dog's toy a hundred times to make him happy.

We all pick what we want to do or can do with our finite individual time. And the more you add (like social media) the greater the opportunity to get to type at a spa. When else is there?

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