Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Um, not to interrupt, but we're watching

Picture this: you're sitting in a meeting room enabled for participants in multiple cities to video conference. Problem is, one city location activates camera/video towards the end of the meeting, and it's an accident. And it's a couple. And they go too far. And the meeting attendees are watching because it's on the split screen along with the real meeting, and not connected to what controls technology in that other city.

Today's thoughts are for those who forget that technology may mean you're not alone in that conference room:
1. If the meeting room is wired, you could be on audio, video or both.
2. If you can watch, chances are good they can watch you too.
3. If your room is enabled to connect to other cities, find out how to disconnect - just in case.

Are any meetings, or spaces, free from potential problems anymore?