Thursday, February 14, 2008

Aftermath of "I Wuv You"

My mother was in charge of my fourth grade class Valentine's Day party. Those were the days before it was politically correct or required that everyone give everyone a valentine - so a valentine meant that someone actually intended it. She made red construction paper placements with white glued paper hearts and the wrote the words "I Wuv You" on each. I was mortified and certain it looked like a message from me to each in my class (when in fact my "wuv" was entirely restricted to David Cassidy and the Spanish teacher). My mother doesn't use baby-talk so not sure I've recovered from that detail either.

I was the speaker at a lunch meeting today. An attendee who I've known a really long time walked up, thanked me for being there and said "and since it's Valentine's Day, want you to know that I really love you". And I said "I love you too". Because we all really do get to love whoever it is we want to love. And love can mean so many different things, and affection can be spoken as easily as just understood.

Or there's the communicate by placemat approach.

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Anonymous said...

I wuv you, too, Cindy!