Sunday, February 17, 2008

Caring and CaringBridge

A colleague recovering from a serious car accident in mid-January has a site on The site includes journal entries about patients, and allows friends/family to post messages. His wife Dianne updates a daily online journal about his progress, set-backs, and reflections. I receive an email daily with the link to the latest journal posting.

She always ends a post with comments like this, and gratitude his life was spared:

"Many of you have told me that this experience is leading you to be closer to your family and friends and to not take anything for granted. A lot of good has already come from (name)'s accident and it will continue too. None of us know what is in our future. That's why today is so important. God Bless, have a wonderful weekend and thank you for your prayers."

"He is so humbled and thankful for your e-mail messages, love, support, and prayers. I see the power of prayer every day."

"Today, again, confirmed how good God is and how precious life is. We will never take for granted our health from head to little toe. We also will never forget each of you."

In the spirit of so many of Dianne's messages ...
1. Don't take your health for granted;
2. Today is important - we don't know our future - including tomorrow;
3. An important part of healing is sending messages, love, support and prayer;

4. Giving thanks is important - for good and for help given by others.

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