Monday, October 13, 2008

Email Detox

I looked wistfully at a stack of (non-business) magazines I've been meaning to read, and noticed some were dated as far back as August 2007. Two words: Email detox. There really is no reason to check email on a holiday when magazines are dating back 14 months.

So I read a stack of magazines, took the dog on a 5-mile walk, and went to a movie ("Nights in Rodanthe") with a friend. There were 8 total in the theater, all women over the age of 40, BUT ... 5 were dressed like pirates. They were even talking like pirates (it's odd to hear "Richard Gere is handsome" in pirate-speak -- and they all started arrring after it). And I didn't even ask them what the deal was, or take their picture - because if I'm not even interested in my email today then surely I didn't really need to know the story.

I strongly recommend trying email detox. You might need to put your computer in the car, and disable email on your Blackberry (as I did) - to avoid the temptation - but it's worth it to have a normal day doing normal things.

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Anonymous said...

We went for a "fall folliage" ride yesterday, about 15 miles from home remembered my phone back on the charger, and other than a couple of "OMG what have I done" moments got through the day with no harm done, missing only a very few messages and emails that all could be returned the next day-no one even questioned where I had been! What a concept and glad you had a good day. How was the movie?