Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day: "For I was Hungry"

Blog writers throughout the world (including me) have committed to spend one day per year all writing about a single topic of importance. This year's "Blog Action Day" focus is poverty.

I've lived in my community for over 20 years; but it took our local newspaper writing a series entitled "For I was Hungry" to realize the magnitude of hunger throughout Maine, and the impact. Completely shook me. For example, one aspect of hunger is the huge percentages of kids who attend school hungry, which impacts their ability to grow and to learn.

When we sit at our desks thinking about lunch, imagine not being able to have lunch. Poverty and hunger are real. Not just other parts of the world, but in our backyards, in our schools, in our communities. Help can come in many forms - from making donations to schools, contributing to food banks/drives, volunteering to raise money, or ensuring elected officials understand the cost of not providing food subsidies. Everyone can participate in some way to end poverty - and hunger.

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