Thursday, October 2, 2008

Blackberry, Phone Home

How I can go from my house to the office, without stopping, and lose my Blackberry is a mystery. It wasn't turned off, and fully charged, so should be easy enough to locate. I have walked around my house dialing it, to my car, and throughout my office. No answer, no ringing. And I checked the (middle-age) missing locations: refrigerators, garbage cans and shelves. I even stood next to the office dumpster in the parking lot while my office called my cell phone just in case I randomly tossed it there (yes, more fun things to do at work.)

But the most interesting question I got today while bemoaning my missing phone: Did I check my bra? That may be a fundamental question that separates women with different bust sizes. I would absolutely never think to consider that a potential place to lose something; even though I worked at a movie theater in high school and recall customers routinely dig around in their bras for money. I have however asked people if they checked the cuffs of their pants for missing earrings, contact lenses or lapel pins. Any other thoughts?

I had programmed my Blackberry to display my home phone number in case it was ever lost. Blackberry, phone home.

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