Friday, October 17, 2008

Are you fighting destiny or living your destiny?

When I read that anyone is clear about what they are "meant" to do from the time they're a little kid, it always floors me. This from Scott Adams, the Dilbert cartoonist:

"I had the first glimpse of my future when I was about eight years old. I saw an article about a cartoonist who was doing okay for himself, a guy named Charles Schulz. I remember looking at his picture and feeling that was my future job. The sensation was different from wanting or hoping. I wanted and hoped for lots of fantastic things, but I have only had one vision of my future career. And as I spent the next 20 or so years working on a more traditional career path, I never shook the feeling that I was supposed to be a cartoonist. It always felt like I was fighting destiny."

So, are you fighting destiny, living your destiny .... or have absolutely no idea?

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