Monday, October 20, 2008

Random Travel Tips

The flight I didn't take tonight is already 3 hours late (I'm watching it online). Travel is such a pain. Do you check to see what would have happened to your scheduled flights you end up not taking?

Found these tips in "Budget Travel" magazine (Oct '08). Submitted by their readers -

1. On a cruise, take a cab to a rental car agency, not the free bus. You'll be first in line.
2. Buy a padded seat-belt cover from auto-parts store to use with travel bag or camera straps.
3. Line the inside of your suitcase with bubble wrap and layer between clothes. Reduce wrinkles and you'll use with souveniers later.
4. If you lose a screw on glasses, and out of town, use the sewing kit to stitch together until get home.
5. Create a "photo album" on your cell phone of pictures of basic things you may need when travel to foreign countries. Point to picture if don't know the foreign words.
6. If your flight makes you miss the start of a cruise, ask if you can take another ship leaving next day instead of flying out to your own boat at its next stop.

And one of my random tips:

When my teenage daughter and her friend went to Europe this summer I had them carry the walkie-talkies we use when skiing. Never know when they'd get separated and couldn't easily use their cell phones to reach each other (range is several miles).

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Tony Rossell said...

I always appreciate your travel tips. Thanks, Tony