Sunday, October 26, 2008

... "a year of living with Satan"

So, what did my headline make you think ... an evil member, a bad staff person, a possessed piece of office equipment, trouble at home? It's actually a description that the writer for the blog Dooce wrote about her year old dog, Coco.

Random observations:
1. You CAN read more than business related books and blogs, if you don't already know that.
2. She was fired for writing about her job and co-workers on a blog - the definition of "dooced".
3. Removed first months of postings from blog archives because she hadn't yet "learned boundaries".
4. Has daily dog pictures. Use a dog picture, tell a dog story - it gets attention from the other "dog people".

So if you're an association exec who can manage many things, but yet still have an entirely misbehaving pet - check out the video of Coco.

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