Friday, April 4, 2008

Practically speaking ...

Here's a few blog posts with practical tips for association management:

1. Human Resources - incorporating diversity of work habits; presentation approach to interviews (Dave Patt)

2. Video - making effective 60-second "how to" videos (Mission to Learn blog)

3. PR / Membership - connecting with the trade press; the "We Miss You" membership letter (Association Inc. blog)

4. Gen Y - interactive content and pictures with statistical data (Acronym blog)

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Anonymous said...

Cindy--Thanks for the mention and for the other links you point out here. Like I mention in my post, I think the U. Penn 60-Second Lecture site is great not just (or perhaps even mostly) for the content, but because it provides a lot of examples of people trying make an argument or teach a topic in a very short time frame. Very revealing about what works and what doesn't! --Jeff