Monday, April 14, 2008

I can't take it anymore!

At a parent discussion at a college orientation today, the woman in charge of student housing said one of 2 big issues in dorm life is communications. Some students don't communicate concerns when a problem starts because they "just want to get along" or hope it blows over and it doesn't ... until one day months later exclaim "I can't take it anymore!" ... when at the point don't want one more day with the roommate or in the dorm. The solution: discuss the need to have open and continuous communication, or even bring in a mediator if necessary to help frame the dialogue; but don't bury unhappiness until the day "you can't take it anymore".

This happens in associations too. With employees, or officer(s) towards the CEO. Something that builds over time that isn't discussed but seriously bothers someone will erupt, then it's too late. Because "can't take it anymore". And a problem that could have been easily solved early ends up escalating ... sometimes all the way to a departure. The solution: have continuous communications.

Apparently the other significant dorm life issue is if visitors/guests can spend the night. That doesn't really come up in associations. Well, maybe it does. Don't share rooms.

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