Sunday, April 13, 2008

Flight Delays - Consider the Day Pass

Parade magazine's "Travel Smart" column suggests heading to the in-airport hotel gyms when experiencing lengthy flight delays. Meaning, no shuttle bus to get there. Here's 4 day-pass specifics:

1. Chicago O'Hare Hilton - $11 - fitness center, pool, sauna
2. Westin Detroit Airport - $15 - fitness center
3. Las Vegas Airport "Fitness Branch" - $10 - fitness center, sauna
4. Hilton Boston Logan Airport - $10 - fitness center, lap pool, sauna, steam room

There are definitely 2 approaches to business travel - the route that always results in weight gain, or the route that tries to minimize it.

I'd love to say that I actually go to a gym anywhere, but ... instead always pack at least a day of work with me for when I get stuck at airports. Actually, quick manicure and pedicure places cropping up at many airports too.

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