Sunday, April 6, 2008

"Volunteering: It doesn't pay"

My son looking at t-shirts online, but this one I noticed: "Volunteering: It doesn't pay." Site describes the shirt: "Not only is this shirt funny, but it's also factually correct. Volunteering, by definition, does not pay."

My first thought on why it's on a t-shirt could be the fact so many schools REQUIRE volunteerism now. I wonder if long-term it will create new/better volunteers, or give the impression it's something that has to be required? Other thought was potential that as teens head towards college they may have desire for unpaid interships or volunteering, only to hear parents say "you need to find something that pays."

In any event, not exactly a positive message. But appears to be selling.

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Anonymous said...

My college freshman is excited about landing a non-paying summer internship. He doesn't care about making money - ever. While I hope he changes, it bodes well for associations that will always be asking people to donate their time for the good of the organization.